4-Parts is dedicated to being a leader in the export of commercial food equipment industry for Latin America and the Caribbean. We are located in Miami Florida, USA. And while maintaining the highest level of customer service. We have products that can be found in every facet of the food service industry, hotels, restaurant, schools, government institutions, churches, pubs and golf courses. Our products are currently being used in multiple franchises worldwide.

4-parts recognizes the necessity and urgency for after-sale service by establishing long lasting and dedicated service agent partnerships throughout North America. Our authorized service partners are always within arm’s length ready to better serve our clients and their clients as well.

If you have any questions or inquiries, or would like to speak directly with one of our customer service representatives, we invite you to contact us at sales@4-parts.com or +1.305.467.0237







We offer quick delivery on the following products:
 Axis Mixers
 Axis Slicers
 Cooking Equipment
 Open Display Merchandiser
 Sandwich Prep Table
 Top Mount Compressor
 Megatop Sandwich Prep Table
 Undercounter Refrigerator
 Undercounter Freezer
 Glass Door Coolers
 Glass Door Freezers
 Pizza Table
 Chef Base
 Back Bars
 Counter Top Deli Case
 Bakery Cases
 Deli Cases
 Gelato Case
 Open Display Merchandiser
 High Profile Grab-N-Go Case
 Glass Door Wall Type
 Food Processor
 Convection Ovens
 Glass Washers
 Pan Washer
 Export Models
 Bakery Cases
 Deli Cases
 High Profile Grab-N-Go Case
 Glass Door Wall Type
 Bottom Mount Compressor
 Meat Grinders
 Stock Pot Range
 Gas Ranges
 Char Rock Broilers
 Radiant Broilers
 Manual Griddles
 Cheese Melters
 Presto Mixers
 Presto Slicers
 Seafood Cases
 Planetary Mixer
 Spiral Mixer
 Gas Convection Ovens
 Back Bars
 Bottle Coolers
 Thermostatic Griddle
 Pizza Ovens
 Hot Plates
 Axis Previous Generations
 Display Cases
 Combi Oven
 Food Processor
 Direct Draw Keg Coolers
 Ice Makers
 Outdoor Grills
 Glass Doors chillers
 Glass chillers
 Ikon Fryers
 Ikon Gas Ranges
 Ikon Stock Pot Range
 Ikon Radiant Broilers
 Ikon Griddles
 Ikon Countertop Hot plates
 Ikon Salamanders
 Gas Convection Ovens
 Ikon Gas Hotplates